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released January 4, 2013



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ACHE Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: I Fight Everything
I want no part of this / I want to tear so much down / I want to black so much out / I will spit it all out / I wont hear the lies / I wont eat the shit / I know better than all this
I fight everything / I only beat myself
Because what good is righteous anger if it comes from an ugly place / what good is righteous fury if its not built on love / When I say I’m better than you / I mean I hate myself / and I serve no greater purpose / only self defeat / I fight everything / I only beat myself
Track Name: Facing An Age Of Consequences
The oceans are clotting / The desserts are blooming / The earth is salting itself as if to spite us / I wish this was all metaphors / I wish this was all metaphors, Its not
How does that make you feel? / like putting it out of your head? / after all its so far out of hand / it makes me feel so futile / knowing that the ice will melt / knowing that the crops will fail / and I will live to see it unfold / and you will live to see it unfold / I all but despair and so much purpose fades / it is such a crushing perspective when I can bear to face it / there is not comfort and there is no respite in a world of luxuries / all action short of open aggression seems vain
so put it out of your head / its so far out of hand
Track Name: Everywhere Is War
What I don’t think you understand / what I keep catching myself trying to forget / is that everywhere is war / everything is war / and you might tell yourself that’s no you / but there is no such thing as apolitical / only compliance or defiance / so every word and every step / every meal and every drink / every day and night is war
to rest while others toil / to eat while others starve / this is war / to love in a world of hate / to bear witness just to the truth / this is war / one way or another this is war / compliance or defiance / this is war everywhere is war / everything is war.
Track Name: No One
Ever since day one / actually literally spoilt for choice / it didn't take very long / to take that shit for granted / now all of a sudden / I can’t believe how passive I have become
I’m my own lost son/ societies bastard / no ones no one
Take a breath / hold it in / let it out / try not to shake and admit / its all your fault
No one is going to do this for you / No one if going to be you for you
Track Name: Sorry...
I think I can see it in your eyes / I think I can feel it in your gaze / 200 years of resentment / 200 years of oppression / 200 years of resistance / I think I see it but I don’t pretend to relate / I don’t pretend to understand / I hope you can see the shame in my posture / I hope you can see and understand / how sorry I am / I hope you know I understand that sorry is not enough.